Prayer & Parenting

  “ Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray and the disciples rebuked them (Matthew 19:13).” Jesus, the perfect pattern, not only prayed with and for adults, but he also laid hands and prayed for the children. The disciples did not think that this was the best use of his time, so they rebuked him. Can you imagine the disciples chastising Jesus for praying with children? How often do we overlook our young people or feel that spirituality is not essential for their holistic growth and development? Just as Jesus taught his disciples to pray, I taught my children how to pray using the Prayer Tools of fasting, thanksgiving, praise, and worship. During one of the Lenten Season Consecrations, I decided it was important for us to do it as a family. I felt my children were old enough to understand the purpose of fasting. Since they were going to be impacted by the foods and beverages that were purchased and prepared in the house, I t

Prayer & Fasting (Lenten Season)

“This kind only comes out by fasting and prayer (Matthew 17:21).” Jesus fasted and taught his disciples to fast as a life practice. Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, reinforced the prayer tool of fasting in his epistles to the churches telling them to be “in fastings often (II Corinthians 11:27).” There are several different types of fasts referenced in the Bible. Some fasts are absolute where people such as Moses, Elijah, and Jesus were set apart for 40 days without food or water (Exodus 34:28-29, Deuteronomy 10:10, I Kings 19:8, Matthew 4:1- 13). Some fasts were for shorter periods, such as three days and three nights, as Esther did with her maids (Esther 4:13- 16). Other fasts called for people like Daniel and the three Hebrew boys to abstain from particular foods, drinks, or activities for an extended period (Daniel 1:8-13, 10:3). Regardless of the length or type of fast in the Bible, it was always coupled with prayer because it is a form of prayer. Fast without prayer is a phy


“ He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him, and he was a Samaritan (Luke 17:16).” “Thanks” is a complete prayer. Thanksgiving is a powerful way for you to communicate with God, yourself, and others. You can never go wrong, saying thanks. You can never be too grateful. Appreciation is always in order. Thanksgiving is preventative. Thanking your body prevents the breakdown of various systems and organs of the body. Have you ever taken your body for granted? Have you ever assumed that a part of your body would continue to function despite you neglecting it? Have you ever abused your body with drugs, alcohol, or by not giving it any thought or attention? Sickness, pain, disease, discomfort, and dysfunction is your body crying out to be acknowledged and appreciated. Thanksgiving is a part of your healing process. Saying thanks is curative. The Samaritan man in the text who said “thanks” was healed AND made whole. The other nine lepers who did not express gratitude limited thei

Kneeling In Prayer

  “ A man with leprosy came to him and begged him on his knees; if you are willing, you can make me clean (Mark 1:40).” In addition to bowing your heads and closing your eyes, many people learn to “get on your knees and pray.” Often, it’s at night before going to sleep. Parents instruct their children to kneel on the side of the bed and say their prayers. Perhaps you have fond memories of kneeling and reciting the Lord’s Prayer or the 23rd Psalm. Or maybe you were taught, like me, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake. I pray the Lord, my soul, to take. God bless mommy, daddy…” Kneeling is a physical way to revere God as your Creator and remember that God is your Source. “Know that it is the Lord, who is God. It is he that has made us and not we ourselves. We are his people and the sheep of his pasture (Psalm 100:3).” Without reverencing and remembering, kneeling is a powerless religious ritual. Kneeling is not just a physica

You Can Heal Yourself and Your Life

Louise Hay is the author of the world-famous book, You Can Heal Your Life, and the founder of Hay House Publishing Company. This book is like a second Bible to me. My mantra is, “I AM a metaphysician, and I heal myself (Luke 4:23).” When faced with a health challenge, I refer to this book to see what my body is telling me and what I need to do to heal myself. I used to have chronic back pain and I learned that back pain has to do with not feeling loved and support. I was able to heal myself by affirming, “I AM loved and I AM supported. I AM not alone.” I also ensured that I had a partner or an assistant before I started a new career project or ministry venture. I secured my support system up front so that my back did not have to hurt and remind me of the importance of mutual support. I frequently recommend this book to family, friends, and clients. They always manifest astounding healings through the utilization of this resource. Pray several times a day and throughout the week. Yo

Prayer Changes You

  “ Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2).” How often have you prayed for things to change while you remain the same? In her book, Lessons in Truth , H. Emile Cady said that one of the major causes of suffering is “the stubborn refusal to change.” Once transformed by the renewing of your mind, then you are empowered to change the things in your life (Romans 12:1-2). Prayer changes people and changed people have the power to change things. God has given humanity the authority to change the planet for the greater good of all (Genesis 1:26-28). When you connect with your divinity through prayer, you feel motivated to make a difference and use that energy to answer questions, solve seeming problems, and bring resolution to issues. Prayer does not change things. Prayer changes people, and people change things because people are a part of systems. Your fa

Big Revelation

  “ Jesus answered and said, I thank you, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you hid these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes (Matthew 11:25).”  Jesus, our Wayshower, began his prayer with thanksgiving, and then he acknowledged the Lord of heaven and earth as his Father. With God as his Father, Jesus knew that he was one with the Omniscience, the all-knowing Source of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. When you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, God as your Father, you open the door to receive insight beyond your human limitations.  In this prayer, Jesus was not comparing himself to others. He was coming into the realization that when he operated in his ego by being wise in his own eyes and prudent according to the world’s standards, that he was blind to God’s revelation for him. Jesus understood that when he humbled himself as a babe, he was able to operate in the mind of Christ and see with his spiritual eyes, hear with his spir